(Some) Men and Millennial Me

Monday, January 25, 2016

*Warning: this is an unfiltered Feminist rant with proliferate swearing and wild opinions. Read ahead at your own risk*

I am a Millennial woman.

I am part of the generation that was born between the early eighties and mid nineties, a generation of women raised by second-wave Feminists. Our mothers watched Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears and curled their lips in distaste, because they saw exploitation. Others called it empowerment. Third wave Feminism, female liberation at it's finest: we could do whatever we want, when we wanted. So perhaps most importantly, we were taught that we didn't need Feminism anymore, because we had already achieved equality. Or so we thought.

It's obvious by simply looking around us that something has changed, or arguably gone seriously wrong, in modern western culture. We're still expected to remain quiet, keep our mouths shut and our voices unheard. Our breasts are expected to remain hidden, kept away even when our offspring cry for sustenance. Yet our bodies proliferate the mass media, free to be exploited and consumed by every passing pedestrian. With the click of a button, you can watch a woman's suffering, sexual orientation, age or even her race, made a fetish of.

As a woman I am perceived as either a lesser revered madonna, or a whore. No in between. If I make myself available (or god forbid, express an appetite for sex) I'm a slut who "deserves to be raped": If I refuse to do so I'm a prude, who deserves "a good bollock-ing". So really, nothing much has changed. We are still the second sex, our cage is now simply a gilded one.

And so we continue. We get up in the morning, we eat breakfast. We shower, we go to work, we go to uni. We walk past a group of road construction workers having their 10 o'clock smoko and ignore the whistling and hoots of laughter. We sit on public transport, squished into the very corner of the damp bus seat so the male passenger sitting next to us can have more room. We listen to radio DJs make sexist jokes on air and get away with it. We go on dates with seemingly friendly boys in the hope that maybe, just maybe, this will be the one, only to find out that he is just like them. He likes watching rugby and Lesbian porn. He's a tall, tanned law graduate with blue eyes and a faded brown snapback, complete with the humour of a pre-pubescent dweeb and the swagger of Snoop Dogg. He interrupts you when you try to speak, and you quieten down and smile sweetly because that's what you've been taught to do. You'll kiss him at the end of the night but you won't sleep with him. Well, it doesn't matter whether you do or not because either way he's telling all his mates how you practically begged him for it.

Anyway carrying on (yes, this rant does actually have a purpose), in the past few days, a number of my friends have been yelled and sworn at, called sluts and whores, dumped and spat upon, because apparently their open relationships weren't closed enough for their male counterparts. What I'm trying to say is that so many of the opposite sex will happily enter into an open relationship, as long as the girl keeps her legs open only for him. From what I can gather, what men want these days is an "experienced virgin". They want to be able to fuck around as much as they would like with no questions asked or eyebrows raised, yet the minute one of those woman they've baptised with their blessed dicks sleeps with someone else, they're heartbroken and want out. You know what I call that? Pure fucking hypocrisy. Yet off they toddle with their misogynistic self-entitled opinions calling out sluts (if there really is such a thing) left, right and centre, and we're left with all of the confusion over whether or not what we did was really ok. I mean it was an open relationship right? He didn't want a girlfriend? So why do we feel so goddamn guilty ladies, why?

I like to believe there are men out there who aren't like this but with the exception of a few, I'm yet to find someone who doesn't have this twisted perception. Even some women have it!

It's also important to note that as a straight white girl, I haven't had anything half as bad as our sisters of colour. I was once told by an ex that he could never date a Black girl because "black pussy freaked him out". Transgender women are still seen by many as not women, the gender they identify with, but instead are defined by the biological parts they were born with. Lesbian women are fetishized in porn, but in reality are looked upon with disgust. Life goes on for the ostracized. While I'm complaining about the hypocrisy of modern men, they're are women out there who have it far worse off than me. Just thought I would acknowledge that before you all go accusing me of being an ignorant white Feminist.

It's a complicated life, a confusing one. All we can really do is raise our voices and cause a fuss because we're half the human race, and they can't ignore us forever. We certainly can't carry on like this ladies, well I won't anyway. Grab a bottle of cheap pinot, start a blog, listen to some Pat Benatar, call your Mother, go on a date with a cute, charming boy who lets you speak, eat a banana and clean your room. Most importantly, screw fuck boys. They're not worth your precious time.

I'm not entirely sure where I was going with this blogpost but I hope it made you feel better and maybe not so alone.

Until next time babes, stay angry xx

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  1. I bloody loved this rant! SO many boys are just bloody idiots. I'm newly single and the prospect of dating again fills me with dread.

    1. Omg you're my first ever comment! I'm so glad you enjoyed my rant, to be honest I was so angry when I posted this I was unsure if anyone would read it, so thank you :) I'm also recently single, chin up sweetpea! xx


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