Do Not Despair the Single Life

Saturday, January 16, 2016

So on my way back from the city today I dropped into the supermarket, and as I was throwing various flavours of single-serve pasta sachets into my basket with the usual reckless abandon I reserve for instant dinners, it hit me that I've come to the point in my 20s where everyone around me has stopped messing around, graduated, grown up and started to settle.

This realisation wasn't out of the blue, I was actually heading back from a coffee date with my one of my good friends when it dawned on me. Because like so many of the girls around me, she's fallen in love. The same girl, who this time last year was partying her way across Wellington without a care in the world, has graduated, got a full time job, met a nice boy and now spends the nights she isn't working watching movies in bed with him.

Don't get me wrong, I am so so happy for her. The girl is giddy, love-struck, and unable to stop smiling. It's just that the "everyone-is-getting-into-relationships" phenomena happened so quickly that I hardly noticed until now. Infact, it's kinda hit me smack bang in the face.

Raucous house parties with vodka and copious amounts of PDA have become cocktail nights, long-term boyfriends have become commonplace at afternoon coffee dates, and conversations that used to revolve around the ridiculous drunken antics of Saturday night and whose screwing who, have started to involve travel plans with long-term partners and of course, the dreaded "ten year plan". Just before Christmas, my flat hosted a potluck dinner. A goddamn potluck dinner. Not that I didn't enjoy all the delicious food and copious amounts of cheap wine on offer, it was nice. But still, what is happening to us?

I remember a while ago I talked about how everyone back home was settling down and buying houses and having babies and shit. Well now it's starting to happen here, which means once again I'm having a crisis about what I should be doing with my life. I'm quite happy being single at the moment, but already I'm being set up on blind dates and invited to parties under the pretext of me meeting hot single flatmates, and I only broke up with my boyfriend four months ago. Of all my friends, there is only one other girl I talk to/hang out with on a regular basis who is completely uncommitted to a significant other. Granted, I don't have a big group of friends, but of the ones I do have... well, they're all ditching the tequila shots and embracing long-term relationships and, soon enough, the turtle neck sweaters will come out. Can. Not. Deal.

Carrying on, I always say that the biggest mistake you can make in your 20s is thinking you should have your shit together, and I'm going to stick by that. So no real jobs, and long-term boyfriends and turtle neck sweaters for me, not for a while yet anyway. I'm off to South America at the end of this year, maybe I'll see you there.

I'd also like to point out that this post in no way meant to criticise anyone who is in a committed relationship, I guess I just haven't met the right person yet. Otherwise I wouldn't be so cynical. Each to their own right? At the moment, I'm just quite content with the way things are. I like making fun of Donald Trump and eating copious amounts of takeout Chinese food in the bathtub and making impulsive purchases at the local secondhand store (see below for my latest buy lol). To put it plainly, I simply think that we shouldn't be growing up too quickly. Excuse the cliche, but you're only young once in this life. Don't waste your youth away worrying about what you look like or what others think because in the end, what you think of yourself is the only opinion you should be concerning yourself with.

Anyway my flatmate has just disappeared up the stairs with her boy, so I guess I'll make some dinner and settle down for a Saturday night in. I got a date with Netflix.

Until next time babes, stay raucous xx

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